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Hosur, a seemingly lesser known town is actually one of the major manufacturing hotspots of Tamil Nadu. With close to2,300 small and medium scale factories, Hosur is home to large manufacturing units of Titan, Ashok Leyland, and TVS motors, to name a few.

It has emerged as a key industrial hub in Tamil Nadu covering electronics, automobiles& auto components, light-machinery, engineering, specialty chemicals, etc. Located40 kms from Bangalore - the startup capital of India, Hosur emerges as the ideal launchpad for Forge to bridge manufacturing Industry with technology startups to co-create industrial transformation powered by Digital, AI and Robotics.
Strengthening the competitiveness of MSME sector by achieving manufacturing excellence, through a managed process of industrial open innovation.

Centres of Excellence

Technology and product innovation infrastructure covering industrial robotics &automation, machine vision & optoelectronics to industrial design &rapid fabrication, overlays deep technical support in rapid electronics prototyping, advanced computing, and industrial product design.

With the aim of delivering technology powered competitive advantages to factories, innovators are empowered to build and deploy breakthrough solutions in advanced materials, adaptive product design, special purpose machines, and connected manufacturing. 

Located in the heart of the SIPCOT manufacturing SEZ in Hosur, this station will focus on promoting startups that excel in building advanced manufacturing solutions deliveringAI-powered predictive maintenance, supply chain and logistics capabilities, to create the factories of the future.

Factory AIoT


Advanced Manufacturing

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World’s first chassis less Amphibious Ground Vehicle

Combat Robotics India is involved in design and development of rugged and all-terrain UGVs, specialising in highly innovative designs suitable for combat and intelligence purposes, also integrated with autonomous driving and navigation, advanced battery management systems, suited for various applications in military, disaster relief, coastal marine operations.

Chimney Cleaning BoT -
An automated bot to remove the oil stuck in the chimney vents

Ancil and Khalid of Protosem.19.2 took this as their challenge and built a very innovative product. The team participated in the EO GSEA, a premier global competition that is launched with a vision to empower student entrepreneurs to become the world’s most influential change-makers by recognizing students who own and operate a business while attending college or university. At the regional level event organized in Coimbatore, the team bagged the third prize and a cash prize of Rs. 10,000. They are confident about making it to the finals and winning recognition at the global level.

Human Detection at a distance of 20 km and Identification at a distance of 1km |Optimized Electrotech

The company is focused in the Indigenous Design, Development and Manufacture (IDDM) of imaging, vision, camera and surveillance products with software image processing and analytics solutions catering to multiple applications in commercial aerospace, maritime, industrial, and defence sectors.

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