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Chennai, the ‘Detroit of Asia’, contributes a whopping 35% of India’s auto components sector and is home to many of the global auto majors such as Ford, Hyundai,BMW, Renault Nissan, Yamaha, Mitsubishi, Daimler Benz, to name a few. Beyond auto sector, its vast manufacturing base spreads across several verticals including aerospace, defence, electronics manufacturing, oil & gas, heavy industrials etc. representing a huge market for startups building disruptiveDigital and AI solutions for industrial applications. 

On the other hand, Chennai with several top ranked technical institutions outputs the highest number of technically skilled manpower. Yet, the innovation capacity of this talent pool remains both underdeveloped and therefore under utilised. Forge aims to create an ecosystem to nourish and flourish industrial open innovations, bringing small to big companies access to future ready talent capable of exploiting futuristic technologies.
Driving transformation of Chennai’s manufacturing sector from components suppliers to tech majors in mobility and aerospace, to make it the undisputed Industrial-Tech capital of Asia.

Centres of Excellence

Being located in the centre of the largest auto manufacturing hub of South Asia, this station shall naturally bring stronger thrust to supporting the development of breakthrough technologies in the mobility domain. For startups, competitive advantages in the next generation of futuristic vehicles will arise from emerging as the dominant standard in core-product capabilities that have the widest applicability in end-product segments.

The battles for technology supremacy are going to be fought in the areas of Powertrains – electric, hybrid, and low speed vehicles, Vehicle Computing – driver analytics, predictive maintenance, Assisted/Autonomous Driving and Electric Charging –swappable batteries, Charge-as-a-Service etc. In addition, the station shall support technology development in defence &aerospace, offering technical infra in Communications – RF, RADAR,SatCom, Industrial Sensors – MEMS, Mil-Grade Electronics, and Systems Characterisation & Analysis.

Future Mobility


Aerospace & Defence

In Spotlight

3D printer for advanced Composite materials | FABHEADS

Dhinesh Kanagaraj CEO & Founder and Sreedhar Venugopal, Head of materials & tech of FABHEADS have indigenously developed the technology to 3D print Carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics for the first time in India. Besides Carbon, the printer is also capable of printing Glass and Kevlar fibre products.

An automated monitoring system that makes life at the brim of forests safer by preventing man-animal conflicts. | Wildlife 360

To help the residents along the forest fringes lead a life in harmony and to conserve the elephants against retaliation attacks, the Kavin and Pavith prototyped a device that automates the process of monitoring the movement of elephants and alerting the officials and occupants nearby.

Green Propulsion system for satellite launch vehicles | Manastu space

Manastu Space has achieved significant progress in the development and trials of their green propulsion systems with significant size, cost, and performance benefits for satellite launch vehicles.

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